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On Fan Fiction Writer's Room, we take characters submitted by you, the listener, and weave them into a masterpiece in the way all great stories were meant to be told: by amateurs, on the internet.
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  1. Thumb 1547700696 artwork

    The League of Heels

    Our 2018 wrap up show !
    The Annoying Orange has been convinced he is the greatest soldier of all time, Big Boss! He breaks into an illegal terrorist wrestling organization to take down the leader, Kenny Omega.

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    Terrace House: Canadian Jowls

    The new season of Terrace House is joined by Rei Ayanami, the pilot of the super cool robot Unit-00. She fits in well and enjoys her time until an Angel also becomes part of the cast.

  3. Thumb 1543370951 artwork

    Fartastic Beasts and Where to Smell Them

    Newt Scamander heads to Africa to find his newest beast! A farting warthog known to his friends as Pumba. Pumba feels like even Simba and Timon are starting to resent him for his terrible gas. Will they prove they truly love him for him?

  4. Thumb 1541123436 artwork

    The Lasagna Club

    Garfield is thrown into a High School Alternate Universe. He is stuck in detention. Principal Arbuckle is making Lasagna in his office and Garfield is determined to sneak out of detention and get it. No matter how many cool backflips he has to do.

  5. Thumb 1539657134 artwork

    Detective Teletubbie and the Big Dump

    Teletubby Laa-Laa is a hard-boiled Private Investigator living in New York City. Who should walk through her door but Johnny Bravo. His piggy bank was smashed and he wants the culprit brought to justice. As Laa-Laa begins unrolling the mystery she discovers it goes all the way to the top.

  6. Thumb 1539314863 artwork

    Welcome to Beautiful Plunk Town

    Hexxus, from Ferngully, is heckbent on destroying Plunk Town on prom night. Miki, from Devilman, calms his evil heart and teaches him to love.

  7. Thumb 1538715597 artwork

    Ancient Magus Husbando

    Joey Wheeler is enslaved and purchased by his Red-Eyes Black Dragon. We talk about Bowsette and do terrible Brooklyn accents.

  8. Thumb 1538099206 artwork

    Dark Gadget

    Inspector Gadget is granted mystical powers after falling into an ancient Egyptian crypt, much like the film The Mummy starring Tom Cruise. The events then play out exactly like the film The Mummy starring Tom Cruise.

  9. Thumb 1536793455 artwork

    The Howling Fieri's

    Your favourite stoners are at it again! Harold & Kumar open up a dispensary only to be muscled out by the local rough and toughs, The Howling Fieri's. Harold and Kumar flee the scene. Can Harold and Kumar escape? And who is the mysterious Don Fieri? All this and more on FAN FICTION WRITER'S ROOM!

  10. Thumb 1536212446 artwork

    Mr. Clean Gets Tough on Spooky Spirals

    The cursed town of Junji Ito's Uzumaki summons Mr. Clean to remove the spirals that are driving everyone insane. As Mr. Clean removes these spirals the curse begins to affect him more than anyone else. The town has come to rely on Mr. Clean and those who notice do not know how to save him without dooming everyone else. We write fan fiction about characters that YOU submit. Send them to

  11. Thumb 1534209505 artwork

    Knuckles Can Say Cuss Words

    Knuckles has the Master Emerald stolen from him by Sonic and Tails. They are working for a strange man named Professor Professorial, who is not Dr. Robotnick in disguise, he promises. We learn that Echidnas have four penises.

    There are some Night In The Woods Spoilers from 18:00 - 22:38.

  12. Thumb 1539315351 artwork

    The Cadaverous Barista Hand

    An hour and four minutes of writer's block. Even fan fiction writer's have their off days. We try to write a Captain Underpants fan fiction that goes nowhere. Then try a coffeeshop AU of Spielberg's Hook which also goes nowhere. We have a good time though and that is what matters.

  13. Thumb 1531288119 artwork

    Dumbledore's Boyfriend Goblegee

    Lappynapped! Strong Bad's computer has been kidnapped by The Noid. The Noid will only return her if Strong Bad manages to break into the Dominos vault and steal the secret recipe. Strong Bad gathers a crack team of The Cheat and Scrappy Doo. Together they come up with a plan to get the recipe and save the Lappy 486.

    Send us the first three characters that come to mind! Submit them to

  14. Thumb 1536213236 artwork

    The Panini of Adolescence

    In a western alternate universe: Jesse and James threaten Ash Ketchum's farm. Ash asks for help from a stereotypical cowboy who has come to town.

  15. Thumb 1529883486 artwork

    Bird: A Sesame Street Story

    Before there was Sesame Street there was Rumble Street. A rough and tough neighbourhood filled with gangs and violence. When a large bird loses someone dear to him, he realizes he has to make the street a place where the air is sweet.

    Want your favourite character to appear on Fan Fiction Writer's Room? Send 'em our way at

  16. Thumb 1529730348 artwork

    Dunkin' On Zim

    Gir starts camgirling to pay the bills. Harry Potter gets a little too obsessed with Gir's channel. 'Reckon fisticuffs izze on'y way ta fix this, innit? If you want the visual aid for the Donkey Kong segment:

  17. Thumb 1529730145 artwork

    Nigel Thornberries' Amazing Race

    Nigel Thornberry hosts the latest season of The Amazing Race: Search for The Seven Dragon Balls. Contestants Akira Fudo and Little Andy follow their dragon radar to a spoooky castle, with a mysterious owner. Who likes to...count?? Seven! Seven Dragon Balls! Ah! Ah! Ah!

  18. Thumb 1529729849 artwork

    The Very Hungry Devourer of Worlds

    Something very hungry is destroying the countryside, and only Thumbelina and Jonatha-i mean Justin The Rat can stop it. Also that wienee fairy prince from Thumbelina. What was that guys name? You know, that guy.

  19. Thumb 1529729272 artwork

    Dragon Ball Z Vape Arc

    When Vegeta learns about that vape life he knows it's his destiny to become the greatest vapist in the universe. Oh, and Vine comes back.

  20. Thumb 1529790133 artwork

    Pooh's Darkest Hour

    The Venom symbiote has come to the Hundred Acre Wood and enters into a honey bee hive. Winnie the Pooh gets a rumbly in his tumbly and goes to snack in that very hive.

  21. Thumb 1529729031 artwork

    Usagi and the Swan

    Sailor Moon goes on a date with a swan. That swan is Zeus from Disney's Hercules. Inspectah Deck of the Wu-Tang Clan is turned into a demon.

  22. Thumb 1529728592 artwork

    Keeping Up With The Digidestined

    Liz and Spencer start writing a Digimon fan fiction but cannot contain themselves and end up just talking about Digimon for an hour.

  23. Thumb 1529731291 artwork

    Doggie Dog World

    Old Yeller murdered! Dale Cooper (the golden lab) is on the case. Courage the Cowardly Dog claims it is the minotaur! Will Ryker (the German shepherd) suspects Clifford the Big Red Dog. Could Ryker's prejudice be clouding his judgement?

  24. Thumb 1529727395 artwork
  25. Thumb 1529726812 artwork

    Bayonetta The Wedding Crasher

    Clark Kent tries to teach Bayonetta a valuable lesson about empathy after she crashed his wedding.

  26. Thumb 1529726112 artwork

    The Scorpio Odyssey

    Hank Scorpio and Solid Snake are cast into the world of Jason and the Argonauts. On their journey, they are challenged by Siri, a one-eyed shichon, and the Robot Devil.

  27. Thumb 1529725733 artwork

    Count Olaf's Ska Band

    It's the battle of the bands but Count Olaf and Ginger from Chicken Run cannot seem to agree on what direction to take their music.

  28. Thumb 1529724543 artwork

    The Scooba Strikas

    Liz loves the cartoon "The Supa Strikas." She spends an hour gushing about it. Dick Cheney's hotel is haunted by Jack Skellington and the Supa Strikas try to solve what is going on.

  29. Thumb 1529723847 artwork

    The Air Bud Singularity

    When Shaq steals the original basketball, the singularity, it is up to Air Bud and his basketball team to get it back.

  30. Thumb 1529722311 artwork

    Astro Boy; A Communist Musical

    Astro Boy is taught the wrongs of capitalism. Baby Gonzo overthrows president Solidus Snake. Billy Crystal feeds an orphan a purse.

  31. Thumb 1529708577 artwork

    Who Fucks?

    In this episode of Fan Fiction Writer's Room, we begin writing a workplace comedy about Lord of the Rings and end with talking about fucking.

  32. Thumb 1529708549 artwork

    Fated to Pretend

    Geordi La Forge and Jerry Seinfeld learn a valuable lesson about life. Snagglepuss does not read the room.

  33. Thumb 1529722283 artwork

    MechaLeo Learns to Love

    Childish Gambino meets the love of his life, Mecha Leonardo Di Caprio. Mecha Leo has a dark past.

  34. Thumb 1529708655 artwork

    Howl's Sex Dungeon

    Wallace (from Wallace and Gromit) and Howl (From Howl's Moving Castle) start a business together. A sexy business.

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