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On Fan Fiction Writer's Room, we take characters submitted by you, the listener, and weave them into a masterpiece in the way all great stories were meant to be told: by amateurs, on the internet.
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    Kingdom Hearts 3 (Directed by David Lynch)

    Dougie Jones, Dale Cooper's Heartless, traps Dale in a mirror and goes to steal the hearts of the town of Twin Peaks. Panchito Pistoles, from the Three Caballeros, and Mortimer Mouse, Mickey Mouse's Rival, rescue Dale Cooper and the three of them discover that Dale Cooper is a Keyblade Master. Dougie Jones has invited President Mickey Mouse to the town of Twin Peaks for a "Norting Festival" and it is up to Dale Cooper and his new cartoon friends to save the day.

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    Our Best Guess at What Kingdom Hearts Is About

    Spencer has not ever played Kingdom Hearts and Liz has only played half of the first one. They are fascinated with the series and attempt to make their best guess at it is actually about. Then, Jigglypuff is kicked out of her house by Wigglytuff. She goes to live with her friend Elekid. Elekid's partner, Dedenne, becomes jealous of the time the two are spending together.

  3. Thumb 1549528618 artwork

    Kent Mansley Needs to Get Laid!

    It's an Iron Giant college AU! It's the fifties. Kent Mansley just has to get laid! He heads to a party where he chats up Annie Hughes. Dean McCoppin and Annie are friends and this angers Kent. He suspects Dean is a commie. Then, as is fan fiction tradition, they all bone.

  4. Thumb 1548818592 artwork

    The Smash Brothers Versus Genghis Khan

    Ghenghis Khan is invading! With few other options the king of China calls upon the help of his old friend: Super Mario and the Smash Bros!

  5. Thumb 1547700696 artwork

    The League of Heels

    Our 2018 wrap up show !
    The Annoying Orange has been convinced he is the greatest soldier of all time, Big Boss! He breaks into an illegal terrorist wrestling organization to take down the leader, Kenny Omega.

  6. Thumb 1545360759 artwork

    Terrace House: Canadian Jowls

    The new season of Terrace House is joined by Rei Ayanami, the pilot of the super cool robot Unit-00. She fits in well and enjoys her time until an Angel also becomes part of the cast.

  7. Thumb 1543370951 artwork

    Fartastic Beasts and Where to Smell Them

    Newt Scamander heads to Africa to find his newest beast! A farting warthog known to his friends as Pumba. Pumba feels like even Simba and Timon are starting to resent him for his terrible gas. Will they prove they truly love him for him?

  8. Thumb 1541123436 artwork

    The Lasagna Club

    Garfield is thrown into a High School Alternate Universe. He is stuck in detention. Principal Arbuckle is making Lasagna in his office and Garfield is determined to sneak out of detention and get it. No matter how many cool backflips he has to do.

  9. Thumb 1539657134 artwork

    Detective Teletubbie and the Big Dump

    Teletubby Laa-Laa is a hard-boiled Private Investigator living in New York City. Who should walk through her door but Johnny Bravo. His piggy bank was smashed and he wants the culprit brought to justice. As Laa-Laa begins unrolling the mystery she discovers it goes all the way to the top.

  10. Thumb 1539314863 artwork

    Welcome to Beautiful Plunk Town

    Hexxus, from Ferngully, is heckbent on destroying Plunk Town on prom night. Miki, from Devilman, calms his evil heart and teaches him to love.

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